Our Customers

From special handling of automotive to time-critical delivery of parts and manufactured goods, ESL serves a variety of industries with a logistical solution.

Whether you need to deliver a large order or just an envelope, ESL will handle it with professionalism. We are experienced in meeting rigorous demands for handling and security, and we treat every run with utmost care.

We have provided on-demand and scheduled deliveries for automotive, energy, large equipment, and manufacturing and many more. The types of cargo vary greatly, but our customers have one thing in common: They rely on ESL for important, time-sensitive pickup and delivery that helps them better serve their customers.

Working closely with our customers, ESL understands the logistics and supply chain management of each business and knows what is required to deliver service excellence. Areas where we have a significant impact on cost-effective, secure and timely deliveries include:

  • Retail Supply Chain Support
  • Parts/Manufactured Goods Distribution
  • Energy
  • Large equipment


ESL’s dedicated, experienced internal organizations and specialists provide innovative third-party logistics (3PL) services for each industry we serve.

We drive logistics excellence and continuous improvement with 3PL services for customers in each of these vertical markets:

  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Industrial Goods
  • Healthcare


Still not convinced we’re equipped to handle your shipments? No problem, we can provide excellent references from companies like yours and a no hassle quote on your next shipment! Connect with us using our quote form.