ESL At A Glance

Expedited Specialized Logistics was founded on may of 2011, is relative young company, but was created by our sister company  STI , with all the experience on the market of the Transportation and  Logistics Business.

  • ESL is located on one of the top borders in America, – in Laredo Tx – bordering with Mexico.
  • Our team has 20 years of experience in the industry and with 24/7 support to solve the needs of our clients.
  • Our expertise is managing any critical load along the NAFTA corridor.

Our People

Staff with over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry.

Customer Service

We offer excellent customer service by providing immediate answers and support to the customer’s needs.

Just in time

Experienced team in administrating ‘Just in time’ shipments as per customer’s requests.

Best location

Located in Laredo, Texas with strategic support locations in USA, Canada and Mexico.


Expedited Specialized Logistics was founded as a necessity of customers and market demands to have a seamless service for the purpose of having their logistics management in a single point of contact, seeking to strengthen and streamline their operations.

We are based in Laredo, TX on the border with Mexico, where we specialize in developing comprehensive routes from and to Mexico, United States, and Canada by air, land, and sea.

Ship Global, Ship Fast



Offering the best solutions to transport merchandise from point A to point B.

Expedited Specialized was created with the purpose to offer our customers the control of their logistics.

We offer the best solutions to create the logistic and minimize the extra costs for our customers

We can control any critical shipment intra and out of Mexico and around the world.

We are specialized to transport any type of load, from one small package to a complete production line and entire plant.

We offer from a hand carrier – air – sea – land transportation

ESL, Making Logistics Seamless